My soul is ageless
as a star,
not yet discovered,
but present
for the matching eye,
should you one day
then dig
for gold
and find my heart,
be gentle,
before you reach
be sure,
because once opened
it will travel
at the speed of light,
and finally,
when both unite,
this newborn constellation
will only be for you
to recognize.







Coincidences create possibilities



                                             Boutman Womb Tree


In the forest of my dreams
some leaves are wandering,
I wonder whether they will
walk me home,
from tree to tree I keep on walking but the snow keeps coming in,
as if an unseen hand is there
to cover all my thoughts,
to sleep is to return,
then I see you, I close my eyes
now, it is time to pray,
O, walk with me,
to be a leave and wander
through these
sweet fragrance of a lullaby,
come with me and I will sing
to wake you up,
from tree to tree then
walk with me and when
we reach the mountaintop
then dream with me,
so to the forest we
will be
as to the snow
these wandering leaves.







Energy flows where intention goes


Embrace your blessings